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Per Aspera Ad Astra

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Um, well, I'm 24, Canadian, and I love writing.

bishi is my beloved and I wouldn't have it any other way. ♥

I'm currently addicted to LJ RPGs. Otherwise I just cruise the Interwebs, read, listen to music...the usual.

If you want to contact me via AIM, please let me know who you are and what it is that you're contacting me about. This isn't meant to sound anti-social or anything, but I get a little paranoid of the Internet. The evenings are the best time to try and catch me online.

I guess the rest you'll just have to see from my journal. (In other words, fancier profile to come when I have more time and when I actually think it will matter.) Also my newer entries are friends-only now.

My other journals:
For writing and other such creations: kujas_echoes
For role-playing as Darc on amatomnes: halfdeimos_king
For role-playing as The Music Meister on amatomnes: villainymaestro
For role-playing as Terrorsaur (currently not in use): ttlypredleader
For role-playing as Maito Gai (currently not in use): spandex_rex
For role-playing as Aang (currently not in use): new_avatar
For role-playing as Queen Garnet/Dagger (currently not in use): royalred_dagger
For role-playing as Yazoo (currently not in use): yazoo_resurgam
For role-playing as V (currently not in use): re_v_olution
For role-playing as Valgaav (currently not in use): ryuumazoku
For role-playing as Toki Wartooth (currently not in use): am_guitarist
For role-playing as Waspinator (currently not in use): blowntopiecez